Glitch: Housing Release 3

Moving day!  Well, come and gone, but moving weekend! I did get a few farewell photos of my old home.

alakol 50k

My Alakol 50k currant modern monstrosity.

50k Alakol

more different view

The fated moment was Wednesday afternoon.  Trumpets blared (not really) and word came down from on high that the game was closing.  The clouds parted (not really), and god appeared (not really).

GOD: You-Glitches, you!  Guess what?  I'm ordering the game to come down about 30 minutes.  YES AGAIN.  It will be down for a few-ish hours. //  GOD: Still here? Weill, I *did* tell you to leave in I guess you have another ~10 to go.  After that, you go! // GOD: Ok! It's time to get the house in order.  Without further ado, we're closing down for a few hours.  Ready?  ok!

But he did speak to us!

Sometime between that 10 minute warning and the final notice, I heard about an end of the world party on stoot’s home street.  I headed by there for the last five or six minutes before the game came down.   There was quite the crowd, and flash kept kicking me out.  I did not get many pictures, but I managed a screen capture as it all came to a halt.

GOD: poof    """"Server Restarted""""

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a poof.

Well, a few hours turned into 24, give or take a couple.  But they came back!  Moving day! Woohoo!

 Not everyone shared my excitement for moving day.  It is a rather stressful thing, throwing all one’s belongings into boxes and later sorting through them to find what you need or put it away.  The box exploding and throwing items everywhere didn’t help some of these poor folks with the transition:

items everywhere after opening a moving box

This was my third largest box. The contents of the first two took much longer to sort, but I managed easily with the Storage Display Boxes (SDBs) arranged on the back wall.

This box was actually a surprise.  I knew I had gathered a lot of things at my test house, but I did not realize how much I had not been using at my old home.  And not everything made it!  I’m among a number of players missing a real box — some are missing their boxes entirely.   Apparently, Tiny Speck is tracking down the missing items manually, with magic ju ju shoo shoo powder. Basically, it went much like a real move.  The main difference is that our missing boxes will be restored; whereas in a real move they would probably be delivered to a different person that just happens to have good taste in books.  Jerk.  We should all just be grateful that they didn’t put those annoying stickers on the bottom of all our furniture. However, I vow if a current employee of Tiny Speck that is not player support asks me to help them unpack their things after a major move, I will agree.  And then proceed to hurl their things in little random piles all over their home. I really did enjoy it though.  Reminded me of moving days oh so long ago at the dorms: everyone moving at once, everyone prepared differently, everyone lending a hand when they could.

Unpacked and clean!

Now I have something I can work with, though I’m low on credits at the moment. I will customize slowly as my stipends come in, likely with a big surge when my beta credits come in.

I’ve set up 8 bubble trees for the bubble route — and the trees are living much longer than they used to.  I’m enjoying the new update, though mostly for me it has meant playing the market with raw materials and construction supplies.

There’s so many things that have been teased for the near future that I’m feeling greedy.  I’m dying to know what’s next.  But in the meantime, I’ll be building up my iMG, finding things to sell, and enjoying the madness.


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