Glitch: Recent Changes for which I’m Grateful

With all the hubbub, with everyone focused on imagination and upgrade cards and how those change the face of the game,  I thought I’d talk about recent changes that are less exciting, less controversial, that have made life a little easier in Ur.

1. Brain Capacity Reset — okay, this one is related to upgrade cards, but as a result, expanding cap now costs less iMG.  That should help a few people breathe a little easier.

2.  Free Redeals — although redeals did not cost much to begin with, spending that iMG to end up with three cards you could not or would not buy was certainly a frustrating and painful experience.

3.  Pig Plop — three crops for one seed was painful and slow.  I stopped doing it a long time ago.  Now a whole stack, for 27 seeds (I think), cool with me.  And it’s mildly amusing to watch.

4. Dots.  Map dots.  Quarazy Quoins plus map dots.

5. Harvesting/Mining sweet spot — the point where avatars stand while harvesting trees and mining rocks has been moved in, making it less likely we will fall of those narrow ledges or move into range of a second tree.

6.  UI changes — some aren’t fans, but I am.  There’s a larger area for single click bag opening, and the bags and their contents have slots of the same size.  That always bothered me, especially early after the original launch, when keyboard inventory navigation worked differently than it now does.

Almost there!


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