Glitch: A Sense of Perspective -or- How I’m Trying to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

First person to tell me where the upcoming quote comes from, via in game mail only so don’t put it in the comments, wins a free, rare old style tree poison.

“Bet you’re wonderin’ what’s been going on.  Bet you think I’ve almost lost my mind.”

Eh?  Well a lot of outside stress.  That’s the best I can put it in a public space without breaking my own professional ethics.  When Stoot claimed iMG was two weeks out, despite thinking he might be full of shit, I was actually relieved.  It was not a good week for me.

But one still has to wonder why I give a damn, and even if you can imagine or sympathize with that, you still have to wonder why I can’t simply avoid the forums.

For the former, you should know that I’m broke.  As my About page notes, I freelance, so my pockets aren’t completely turned out, but I have to carefully separate wants from needs.  Social interaction, as necessary as it usually is for mental well-being, is a want.  My friends are too scattered and gas is too costly.  Although Glitch, like most gaming, was originally just a distraction to kill time between cover letters, it came to fill that empty social niche in my life.  And I am endlessly grateful to the people I’m close to in Ur — while the unemployed life is still undesirable, it is now much more bearable.

Sob story out of the way, avoiding the negativity, misunderstandings labeled as truths, the rage, the incoherent idiocies, and the self-entitled whinging and whining is not as simple as staying out of the forums.  It’s in local chat.  It’s in status updates.  It comes up in conversation even among those that aren’t part of the rabble.  I have the discipline to not enter the forums.  I do not have the discipline, or desire, to kill all my social connections in game, which would be the only way to successfully bury my head in the sand and ignore the rage, ignore the disgust and amazement at the rage.

And that makes me angry.  Not annoyed.  Angry.  And I don’t like me when I’m angry.  But as long as the discourse dominating my happy place is far from happy, I show a greater sense of perspective by walking away rather than bashing my head against a wall.  I doubt many others share this feeling, but I am who I am.

All that said, that feeling has passed.  I will likely log in today, if only to see if the idiocy has become easier to avoid.  Ironically, when I’m actually pissed in the forums, something I’m constantly accused of but has never actually happened until yesterday, I’m apparently much more polite and respectful.  But it’s a mask, and if that mask should crack, it’s covering a whole hell of a lot of ugly.

So I’m going to conclude by venting — warning: strong language.  If you have not bought a single upgrade card, but you’re in the forums posting about how you’ve been robbed and the game sucks now, fuck you — fuck you, you ignorant, stubborn sack of poison.  If you’re claiming your skills have been stolen, but aren’t willing to unlearn them all to prove they’re useless, you’re a worthless, hypocritical idiot.  If you’re whining that a reset would have been more fair and more accepted, you’re a delusional sack of shit who is whitewashing the memory of the backlash from being told there was a 1% chance of a reset.

In short, if I’ve politely explained to you why you’re wrong in the forums—and you are wrong, there are opinions and there are facts, your opinions do not outweigh the facts—and you refuse to listen or refuse to try, Penn Jillette has something to say about you hanging around the forums.  George Takei has a few words for you as well.

Gee, I feel better now.  Next time I’ll tell you how I really feel.  And for those that read along, nodding as they followed, I leave you with a wonderful song that will hopefully make you forget what a mean, mean meanie I just was.  Let’s turn and face the strange.  Enjoy.


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