Glitch: The iMG Dust Has Settled -or- My Real Impressions

I need to start this post out with a promise.  Not so much to the readers — I do like having an audience, but this blog is my personal soapbox.  If you all went away, I’d still be King Lear on the heath, shouting to the sky with nothing but the wind to hear me.  But I do need to promise myself (and have a record of it) that if I’m having a generally stressful and crappy week, I need to wait 24 hours before doing an initial impressions bit.  It’s not fair to the product to do otherwise, and it makes me feel like I work for Eurogamer.  But hey, if I did work for EG, I’d probably have had the gumption to call that a full review, which I didn’t, so I can feel slightly less of a jackass than your average EG journalist.

But I feel that post did a bit of rabble rousing, and I no longer agree with the rabble that I roused.  Oops.

After expressing my irritations with the conversion system, I felt a bit less stressed about the conversion and went back into the game to play with the upgrades.  I had realized from the beginning that the system would in no way ever place someone into the scenario that all of us long term players found ourselves in.  The conversion was very much the equivalent of being handed a max level character in a theme park but having to make all the leveling choices on the spot without any knowledge of how the particular character class works or which abilities would be most useful.  Anyone in that scenario would feel a bit overwhelmed but would certainly have a better grasp a few hours later than they would after the first hour.

And there was fear.  Fear of selecting upgrades I would regret.  Fear that I would regret spending iMG.  Just fear all around.  I really let myself down — acting or reasoning out of fear is guaranteed to make you do or say some stupid things.  If it wasn’t for a strong belief in never hiding my mistakes or censoring reality, I would delete the post.  But let this be a message to those that get upset when I call comments or issues in the community ridiculous, absurd, or idiotic — I try to be the first to point out when I’ve been stupid, and I damn sure want other people to know when I think I’ve been stupid.  Mea culpa.

Moving on.

When I got back into the game, I took a different approach to upgrades.   It’s clear to me now that by level 42 a player coming up in this system would have been purchasing these cards like crazy, if spread out over months.   So I just took a deep breath, exhaled, and started buying upgrades.

Boy am I glad that I did.  I purchased about 130 last night, and popped in for 20 minutes or so twice today to purchase a few more.  I am now much more effective at some activities than was even possible with skills alone in the old system  On average, I’m getting about 3 to 4 times more product from trees, my crops and herbs grow faster –hell, my metalworking machine plays metal music now and there’s just no way to express how awesome that is to me.

Sure, with Mining IV but without any Manic Mining upgrades, players will mine slower than they did before.  But there’s no reason not to just buy cards like a madman (or woman! women can go mad too!) until you find the ones you want, especially if you come into the new system with the greater than 2 million iMG that max level characters were given to play with.  And now that I’ve had more time to read the skill descriptions, there are at least a few skills that now give new benefits.  Mining III, for example, now reduces wear on mining tools — it did not before.  I challenge anyone who believes that the time spent learning their skills was wasted to unlearn them all and go try the activities they are complaining about again.  The time was not wasted, the skills are not gone, they are just different.  The game has a new backbone.

So if you haven’t already, go buy upgrades, go buy them in fistfuls.  You’ll like the results.  You really will. There’s no need to be miserly — there’s no longer a max level, and you can earn more iMG to spend from now until the day the game shuts its doors.  And may that day never come until the launch of Glitch 2.

So grab your towel and stick out your thumb — there’s shit to do and places to see in Ur again.


2 responses to “Glitch: The iMG Dust Has Settled -or- My Real Impressions

  1. A point I made earlier in global: I am aware that we were given the iMG to get us back to where we were before and it makes no sense to hoard iMG. When I fully embraced that today, I still had a moment of panic when I looked at my balance and it had gone from 2.1+ million to around 300k. In my case, it is because I was conditioned to push and push for XP so the higher the balance the better. Its a change of mindset to no longer want that balance as high as possible. And that is what Glitch is about, changing the mindset of MMO players while they play this particular game.

    Addi Bee~❤

    • Well said. I’ve also run into a few players convinced it lowers their level, despite being told level is now a measure of lifetime iMG; however, even worrying about losing levels seems a response to standard MMO conditioning, as it changes nothing about your character that I’m aware of (the value of quarazy quoins perhaps?), certainly nothing overwhelmingly important.

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