Glitch: Did Stoot Screw with Us?

God speaks, kicks everyone out of the world

I do not believe this sign has gone up since the original beta

I had joked last night that Stoot could actually be screwing with us when he said two weeks.  Someone said that seemed a bit over the top, but even as I agreed I kept thinking “well, if I were stoot, seeing all these entitled bastards in the forums whining about release dates that they should just be grateful they will be allowed to play through, I’d put the release further out in hopes they would shut the hell up.”

Maybe that wasn’t his motivation, but it does seem to be what Stoot has done.  Seriously, I owe this man a beer, if only for his resignation letter to Yahoo, and a couple more beers for his style of talking to the community.

ETA: Just saw a theory that Stoot meant “Ur weeks” rather than real weeks (there are six Ur days in 24 hours, so two Ur weeks would be about two days) — but that would just mean the answer is yes, stoot was screwing with us.


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