Glitch: Stoot Speaks, Live, In Game, Yesterday.

I’m not going to reproduce the transcript in chunks with my own comments again.  There are transcripts for both sessions here for any that are interested.  My post with summary and commentary on the impromptu, original Q&A is here.

Among the reasons I will not go point for point with the transcript are the questions: there’s a lot of questions that had already been answered, and there’s a lot of questions that just aren’t worth repeating.  I can sum up some of these quickly.

The future.


Will there be a reset?

Can I have a pony?
There may be opportunities for your pet feature someday.

The third question was frequently asked.  Many of the reset questions  were a bit passive-aggressive and attached to other questions, but to one he responded: “Who says there will be a great reset? And: very few changes to our servers require closing the game.”  I have to assume this means the answer is still probably not, and with all the talk about XP to Imagination conversion, I would say they’re leaning as far from a reset as possible.  Seems they are only asking themselves how to set the players that have accomplished a lot at a point that will feel as if they have still accomplished a lot under the new mechanics, and where to scale it from there so they will feel there is still a lot to build and accomplish.

I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction: there’s not going to be a reset.  Oh, and the Red Sox won’t win the World Series this year.

He did, however, address some questions that asked for ponies, and some of the answers even ended up interesting.  So fair enough, citizens of Ur, continue to root for your personal ponies — for every nine that get ignored, a maybe, or a the future, one touches on something that might resemble something that someone might be working on.  He didn’t get around to answering my friend Epilady—who quite literally asked for a pony implying, perhaps, that Stoot could hand deliver it—but I suspect Blanky caught the sarcasm and wit.

Or perhaps not — they are still sifting through the questions and will do another session to cover some of those.  And take new ones apparently.  I’m personally rooting for a Glitch blog post that answers the remaining questions and doesn’t worry about too many more.  That pretty much puts my entire upper body in the horse’s mouth — and probably quite a ways out the other end for that matter.  But at a certain point, 32,000 questions are no better than 3,000 questions are no better than 300 questions.  Not until there are more tangible specifics to look at or play with — then the questions can be more targeted, more insightful.

I’ll just cover some of the more revealing answers rather than continue perfecting the forehead shaped groove in front of my keyboard on my desk.

There’s a bit of a teaser about revisions to the crafting system.  In the improptu Q&A, Stoot mentioned an overhaul of crafting but said little more, but in the live session he specified that they are “considering a fundamentally different approach to cooking and recipes which would let people create different items based on their particular ingredients and skill level.”   I get the feeling that this might not be so much revolutionary as cosmetic.  Right now crafting is approached by identifying the final product you want, and then figuring out the ingredients and steps needed to have all the components.  I suspect they are examining the UI to make crafting flow both ways — either by looking at a desired final product or by looking at ingredients to see which final products they can get to.

That’s not a prediction though — that’s just a musing.  And it actually sounds like all Tiny Speck is certainly doing is musing, and no actual decisions have been reached.  Likely the crafting overhaul is not a current development priority but one on the list.

There were also a lot of questions about lore or story, though only two really received interesting answers. The first was an area apparently teased in the original beta—before my time—called the City of Abassid.  This location is confirmed to still be in the works and not forgotten, though there weren’t any real specifics given.   Stoot also said elsewhere that they ” have long planned a “macro-game” (as opposed to a minigame) of keeping the Giants in balance. Once we have the basics (re-)done, I suspect this will happen … special skills for oracles, more temples, higher levels of piety, etc. would be part of it.”   So the giants will eventually be more than birdbath shaped rubbage bins, and that’s good news.

Another new bit of info was that  “[g]roup-based co-op puzzle and challenge levels are in the works. I believe that they will be awesome (and a better way to earn imagination than making recipes over and over then donating to shrines … but that’s just one person’s opinion).”  I believe they will be awesome too.

At the end, Stoot let us know there would be another session in the future to cover more questions.  I’m not sure if he intended the comments to be humorous or sarcastic — the difference is debatable and both make me laugh anyway.  I’d like to think that if I were in Stoot’s position, I’d have closed in the same way.  So I’m going to close this post in the same way:

And, we’re done ….
only 1,437 questions did not get answered
so, that’s pretty good … got to at least 0.6% of them!!!!
if we do this 9 times per day for the next 43 months, we’ll be all set
however, that means I won’t be able to work on Glitch for … hmmm … almost 4 more years!
that will make it 2016 😦
oh well … when I said “8 weeks” a while ago, I really meant to say 193 weeks
carry on and thanks for all the questions!!


One response to “Glitch: Stoot Speaks, Live, In Game, Yesterday.

  1. I’d be more worried about the desk shaped groove in your forehead than the forehead shaped one on your desk. Thanks for the summary… I’m not sure I have the energy to read the Q & A transcripts myself.

    It’s fascinating to me how much people think they are owed in a free game. The answer “about 8 weeks” was good enough for me – I figured that going back to beta meant that things would be different enough that I couldn’t really understand it until they happened. All these people crying over what I’m sure will be nothing like what they think. Don’t panic – and don’t forget your towel.

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