Glitch: My 15 seconds of Internet Fame

Stoot (Stuart Barfield) has been answering questions about the Big Update and other long-term plans for Glitch.

Though I do plan to repost most if not all his answers while giving my own reactions, I’m pleased to note that Stoot quoted me.

It’s important to understand that it’s a holistic change, not just flipping a switch to get rid of all vendors completely. Saucelah said something important earlier: “you are projecting that mechanic into the game as you currently understand it even though that mechanic will not go into the game as you currently understand it”. Most of the “objections” in this thread are based on things that we have no intention of doing (in fact, they are things we’ve never even considered, like forcing players to barter). So before you go creating and signing petitions, consider that what you’re imagining in your head is very likely not what will be happening anyway: voila!

I figure getting quoted by the owner of a game company in that company’s forums isn’t enough to earn my 15 minutes, so I’m still owed 14 minutes and 45 seconds.


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