Saturday Morning Snark: A Source of Noob Bashing

Just a theory, and perhaps this only explains some instances of more veteran players mocking newbies though personally it is the only time I’ve ever been tempted to be a sarcastic jerk (failure to resist may occur but is generally rare): one reason why that “noob” question might elicit more derision than direction is that just by asking the question, just by even being in the game or on the forums, you’ve demonstrated access to the tools needed to answer that question for yourself.  Somewhere along the way you’ve acquired a feeling of helplessness in the face of uncertainty, and you are shifting your burden on to others, hoping they already have the information or will find it for you.  Of course, if they do help you, they are not really helping you, as they should probably direct you to a wiki or some other useful source that will not only answer your current question but any future questions as well.

They’d even do better by sending you here.


3 responses to “Saturday Morning Snark: A Source of Noob Bashing

  1. If I may indulge by adding my rant to yours…

    I am frequently amazed at players inability to help themselves.

    I am a noob in WURM online, which is a horrendously complex (but not hard) game. The devs cleverly included in-game search functionality for the game wiki. And I still see questions in the help chat every day that could be answered in better detail with a quick search or even a bit of experimentation…I mean, they do want to actually play the game, don’t they…or maybe they don’t.

    Is it ignorance, laziness, the need to socially connect even if that means revealing their laziness/ignorance?

    • While I’m sure there are some that just haven’t yet realized there are better tools available (such as the in-game wiki search), I feel a lot of people have learned that they don’t have to look things up for themselves, because some nice person will figure it out for them.

      Shortly after the release of City of Villains, when I decided to try out CoH, I remember answering questions in the help channel by sending players links to the wiki I was using. And someone got upset with me because on that server they “helped players so they’ll like the game instead of give them sarcastic links.” Of course, I sincerely felt that the links I gave were much more useful than actually answering the question.

      As a result of learning that some people think helping others learn to help themselves is rude, I now clarify every question I feel compelled to ask in an online game with “Is there a website or other resource where I could find this information easily for myself?”

  2. You are quite correct in regards to those players that aren’t aware of WURM’s in-game wiki access, there definitely are some and the few instances where I see charitable souls directing them to the function have been met with appreciation.

    Sad to see that not all folks feel the same way. Possibly they really do resent having to go outside of (some) games to get that info, less game time and all that, and believe you are reducing their precious game time.

    While I can understand that resentment for some games, namely single-player, it should be expected that larger, more complex, online games may have a research overhead IF you want to get the best out of your character.

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