Glitch: Thoughts of a “Vet” in the “Endgame”

Paraphrasing a few gamers from multiple sites: “I wanted to like Glitch, but after I got all the tools and bought  a house, there wasn’t anything left to do”

I have reached the end of the sandbox.  Well, no, there is no end to the sanbox.  But I have reached a point in Glitch where there are few goals that currently hold my interest.  My main character has all the skills I want him to have; my alt only needs a few more, though I’ve been playing him less lately for reasons I will eventually get to.  My main has created all 11 icons, and I’m not interested in pursuing that goal with my alt until after The Big Update, or at least after there is enough information about the changes that update will bring to decide if I care about an alt.

What’s left are a few dozen quests I’m not interested in, as I already understand how to use the skills that trigger them; achievements, which some I find entertaining and others I find are useless other than as extensions of my Glitchy epeen; and a few rare items to complete two different collections.  While I am still pursuing currants in order to afford more cubimals to hopefully get the four super-rares I am missing there, I’m not sure I will make much effort to complete the philosopher doll trio.  The only one I am missing is Ayn Rand, and I hate that witch: she doesn’t like to share.

However, I am still playing.  For one, whether I decide to buy the cubimals I need directly or to buy more blind boxes, cubimal acquisition takes a lot of currants, and currants can generally only be acquired by playing the game.  It’s also rather fair to say that most of my mining trips are now more about chatting with the friends I’ve made in game and playing party games (races, Game of Crowns, and charades potions) than actually about acquiring, well, anything.  Other game developers take note: give your players tools to entertain each other and they will not even notice if “character power progression” has slowed or even halted.

I’ve also decided recently that I would like to hit max level before The Big Update. Since it’s been hinted that XP may be replaced by something tentatively called imagination that may be earned by leveling and possibly then be spent on various upgrades, I feel like striving toward max level is potentially the same as striving to have the most to spend on housing and land upgrades after The Big Update.  While some actively try to avoid XP as leveling increases the base cost for teleporting and the minimum tithe to icons, I never quite fell into that club, but until recently I wasn’t all that interested in hitting max level.  Character level rarely gates content in Glitch.  However, my drive to 60 has made me temporarily retire my alt.  I will revisit running two independent-but-different accounts once Saucelah reaches 60.

So that’s the endgame, right now, in Glitch.  I have all the tools I need.  I have the largest home that suits my needs, and I have every skill I want and all 11 icons leaving me with no more need to regularly donate to any of the Giants.  Yet I’m still playing for the party games in the short-term, and to level and acquire cubimals over the long-term.  Yes, cubimals are a long term goal — I’ve spent approximately 1.25 million currants on blind boxes and still do not have them all.  And considering the most expensive home in the game goes for 50k, 1.25 million is a hell of a lot of currants.

The game is not over unless I want it to be, and I still have no need to invent my own content to keep me occupied.  I do, however, expect to reach a point where there are no goals at all that interest me.  So I say to Tiny Speck: “more mini-games please, especially ones that allow more than two players; more party games please, the charades potions were something I had never imagined so I’m not sure what to suggest to match that phenomenon, but more games that require social interaction that tie friendships closer are really awesome for the players and great for retention; and finally, and hopefully this comes with The Big Update, we need goals that require groups to form and cooperate, whatever they may be.”

I should be making a few more posts this week as I’ve been touching up my draft on Defining the Sandbox Part 3, and I may have the time to plow through the EQII new player experience at some point.


2 responses to “Glitch: Thoughts of a “Vet” in the “Endgame”

  1. I’m not near as “leveled” as you, and I’m pretty much in the same situation. As far as game goals, I’m only playing to accumulate icons and currants. Mostly I get on just to socialize and play charades potions. I have to give it to Tiny Speck on that one… I’m pretty antisocial, and one of the reasons I chose Glitch was the fact that I didn’t *have* to interact with other players. More social games/races/potions would be excellent.

    • I’ve gone into almost every MMO I’ve ever played completely solo, but that’s actually among the main reasons why I started to prefer games that encouraged working with others over playing alone. If the game didn’t at least encourage working with others, I didn’t actually meet other players worth knowing, and I eventually just got tired of repetitive mechanics that I presume others are able to ignore because of social ties.

      Either I’ve always been wrong, or someone put a hidden awesomeness magnet on our favorite mining street, because despite that I am completely self-sufficient in Glitch, I’ve met more people whose company I enjoy in Glitch than in any other game.

      I have to give them a hell of a lot of credit for the charades potions. They’re so simple, yet other than the creation of the potion itself and the rewards for guessing correctly, they are completely player-driven. And they are endlessly entertaining.

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