Update on What I’m Playing

Today feels like the right day to update what I’m playing and what I plan to be playing.  I think it has been a few months since I directly addressed this crucial issue, and I know there must be dozens of gamers just hitting refresh on my page, dying to know what I’m up to.  Or not.

If it hasn’t been obvious, my main game right now is clearly Glitch.  Despite that I’ve loved it since I first heard of it, I can honestly say I never expected it to take the role of my primary MMO.  For the first month or so of playing, Glitch was just an amusing distraction I played between rounds of more competitive games such as Global Agenda or League of Legends.  At this point, I can’t remember the last time I played either of those games, but the last time I played Glitch was just an hour or two back — I popped in to say hi to some friends and do a quick bit of mining before going back to more productive computer activities.

It’s the friends, the wonderfully friendly and witty people I’ve met, that have really moved Glitch from an amusement to a primary game.  I won’t try to claim that Glitch has a utopian community, but in my experience, Glitch appears to attract more adults than teens and more nice people than rude people — at least as compared to the general population of online gamers.   What this means for me is that unlike Global Agenda, where I find I usually have to ignore chat in order to enjoy myself or to avoid being horrified at the state of humanity, chat in Glitch adds to my enjoyment.

Glitch has also pushed out LotRO and CoX.  On one hand, I feel somewhat guilty for not playing those games as I made small content purchases for both, but on the other hand, the content and the games will still be there when I find myself tired of my current routines or just nostalgic for a game I haven’t touched in awhile.

Curiosity has led me to try out another free to play online game, however.  Today, I booted up Everquest II for the first time since its second attempt at converting to free to play.  I spent a bit of time trying to recover my old account, if only to have access to races and classes that are pay to unlock for free players, but I cannot seem to get any password to work and the email address associated with the account is gone, deleted a few months after Adelphia sold my town to Comcast — I still can’t decide which is worse.

While it still bothers me that most of the classes and races are locked (I cannot recreate my original character, whom I believe was a dark elf fury), I find it less bothersome now that I’ve gotten used to free to play cash shops — I don’t need to have access to all the classes before I’ve even decided if I would bother to invest anything in the game.

I haven’t played much.  In fact, all I’ve done is start a new character and then quit once I picked a starting zone, but even that was enough to realize how dated my 7 year old memories of the game are.  Though I’m sure the graphics haven’t gone backwards, they’re not as great as I remember them to be.  I’m sure in 2004 they were excellent — I’ve just been spoiled.  To be fair, with the settings cranked, the graphics aren’t much worse than what I saw during the SWTOR beta, so it’s possible the graphics have been revamped or at least given a slight boost over the years.  The starting areas are also completely different, so it will be awhile before I get to a zone I remember from the early days of the game.

In the world of offline gaming, I’m still playing Skyrim.  Sometimes, I even do a round or two of solitaire.

Expect a bit more on EQII in the future, as I will at least get through the new player experience.  Also expect Part 3 of Defining Sandbox early next week — I’ve got a draft started, but I don’t foresee the time to finish it before this weekend ends.


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