Quote of the Whatever

I’m fairly convinced that TOR is going to all but drain WoW’s casual base in the west, wow just can’t give folks that big sense of accomplishment in just an hour or two like TOR can

— Massively user

I’m fairly convinced that if someone’s definition of “big sense of accomplishment” means getting the approval of an NPC for finishing a task and then being assigned another, then that person would find a lot more bang for his buck in a single player game.  He’d feel accomplished after every play session, no matter how long or short, and not need to pay monthly for the privilege.   “Big Accomplishment” should never be defined, in an online world, as simply moving the game forward in the most basic way it is meant to be moved.

If all there is to accomplish is to finish a quest, to get new equipment, or to ding that new level, then there is, quite simply, nothing to accomplish.  All of those goals will fulfill themselves as long as someone is playing in any online game.

Stop supporting loot treadmills, people, please.  PLEASE!

But you won’t, you won’t.  Most will just keep dishing out money to grind repetitive, mindless “content” only to have that content, and anything obtained through it, rendered obsolete by the next expansion.  Which they will then pay money for.

Good god, just give the game companies your bank account numbers and allow them to directly withdraw whatever they like whenever they like while you play tic-tac-toe.  There won’t be much difference.


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