Glitch PvP: Forget Game of Crowns, We’re Talking Spice Wars and Market Battles

Oh the peaceful, beautiful world of Glitch.  Where adorable, hip Glitchen run around merrily gathering resources, hopping off trees while chasing coins, and just generally being jolly little laid back children of imagination.  Until now that is.

The peace has been shattered.  A gauntlet has been thrown.  No one can remain neutral for long.  There are only so many patches where beans can be planted in Ix: should they be spice plants or gas plants?

The majority of Glitchen seem to think they should be spice plants.   There are regions where gas plants can be planted but spice plants cannot, and there are no such regions where spice is free of the danger of being replaced by gas.  Spice is also used in many more recipes and in much larger quantity.  Gas is generally only useful to players with higher tier skills and useless for newly imagined Glitchen.  Yet some Glitchen—perhaps for convenience, perhaps out of a mischievous urge to relieve boredom, or perhaps in a sinister plot to hike the market value of allspice—insist on killing the spice and replacing it with gas.

The war reached a peak last night when every spice plant on East Spice Street and West Spice Street were poisoned simultaneously.  Although the reset for poisoning trees does not last very long, it lasts long enough that this act could not have been committed by a single Glitch.  The Spice Killers are organized.

Glitchen have been arguing about how to best distribute gas and spice plants and many have been attempting to organize a defense of spice plants in the Ix region.

As of today, spice plants are still being poisoned and replaced with gas plants in Ix, but antidotes and poisoned gas plants seem just as common.  And the war rages on.

In other news, I attempted to go to battle in the market to raise the price of egg plant beans.  There was not much stock on market, so I bought it up and successfully  doubled the price.  I sold a number off, but Glitchen do not market like Eve capsuleers — while some would price their product just a single currant below mine, many would hack the price to bits cutting 20 to 30 percent at a time.  When I awoke this morning, the price had returned to normal, and I have a large stock of egg plant beans to sell.  The demand was just not high enough to outrace the philanthropy (or laziness or idiocy) of other Glitchen.  I more than made up my losses on other products (don’t ask, do your own market research), but I certainly lost that battle.  I’m hoping a future content update creates more homes that can grow egg plants, as right now most Glitchen choose the open patch, crop garden homes rather than the dark patch, herb garden homes.  Until then, I’ll just have to sit on my egg plant beans — I would still make profit on most of my stock, but with the ones I bought at higher rates, I’d break about even.

Before I close, I have to say I’m very impressed with and grateful toward the nice people at Tiny Speck.  At one point, something went wrong and a number of us became trapped in hell.  No grapes of wrath would spawn.  One of the players trapped with me contacted a dev (or staff of some sort), who arrived in moments and shortly I was gleefully stomping grapes and returned to life.   I also reported an exploit that allowed players to continue obtaining a resource after the node in question was empty — I was rewarded with a free month as a subscriber.  Minimum level, so no free credits — but it was fun to raid the subscriber only wardrobe and appearance options, and it was nice to know they appreciated the bug report.  No idea yet if I lose access to the vanity options when my month ends, but I will be sure to note it here in the blog when the month is up.


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