OGP: Obligatory Glitch Post & Invite Give Away

What can I say about Glitch that hasn’t already been said?  It’s a neat little game, and I can certainly say I’m really enjoying it.  I can almost make the claim that it’s currently my primary game.  It’s interspersed with bouts of Global Agenda and LoL, but otherwise, it really is my primary game right now.

But it’s definitely not for everyone.  Let’s take a look at some of the complaints I’ve seen in various comment sections around the internet:

1.  Potty humor

Ok, I only saw this one from one person, though I did see that one person post it in more than one place.  I’ll have to respectfully disagree.  While I have encountered at least one fart joke, such is far from the focus of the humor and not a common encounter.  Most of the humor is whimsical postmodern absurdity with subtle jokes based on gaming conventions.  For example, repeated actions earn various achievements, but these events will occur on numbers like 11, 17, 47, or 1001 rather than 10, 15, 45, or 1000.   There’s also a good bit of mild innuendo: butterflies must be given massages before they can be milked.  Certainly that’s an intentional reference to the infamous “happy ending,” but anyone who gets worked up about butterfly sexuality should probably take a step back.

There’s no accounting for taste of course.  It’s fair to say that some people might be turned off by the humor.  But I think it takes a bit more sensitivity to such issues than most possess.

2. What’s the point?

This is the most common complaint by far.  Sometimes accompanied with the comment: “I found all I was doing was waiting for status bars to fill up.”  Of course, there are reasons to watch status bars fill — at the most basic level, is it not possible to dismiss World of Warcraft as nothing but “running around and waiting for ability timers to reset?”  I think it is, but that neither are actually fair descriptions of what there is to do in either game.

There are several points to Glitch.  For MMO players, most of them are only interesting if you particularly enjoy crafting.  When I was first playing, my goal was to unlock every recipe I could for a couple of skill trees.  Of course, such is a finite goal.  If I keep playing, I can eventually unlock the recipes for every skill tree.  But since getting a good number of advanced recipes in a few areas, I’ve switched my goal to selling items in auctions to other players.

For me, that economic goal can occupy me forever.  But that’s still not all there is to do in Glitch.  Usually, there are Street Projects.  Street Projects allow players to gather items to build new streets, which are the game zones, thus expanding the world of Glitch.  Due to a much greater than anticipated response to the game, the initial Street Projects were fast tracked, to open more zones and spread out the population, and due again to that unexpected demand, they are not putting more out until they have created a new system that increases the number of players involved in each project.  But there was Street Projects, and there will be again.

There’s also an endgame option, of sorts.  Players that have the piety skill can band together to drive off the Rook, a giant bird that attacks streets that have been neglected.

For such a simple looking flash game, there’s a lot of depth to Glitch.  I’ve been playing for almost two weeks, and I still haven’t explored much to do with alchemy or tinkering.  There are a number of house models I can upgrade to still.  And there are a lot of players looking for my goods on the market.

I still have two invites to give away.  I don’t think they are actually necessary to join the game, but I believe without one there is a waiting period of anywhere from a day to a week.  If anyone wants one, let me know in the comments.

1/23/2012 ETA: I am out of invites, but I do keep getting search engine hits with terms such as “glitch invite.”  Getting into the game without an invite should be possible though there may be a waiting period between creating an account and actually being allowed in the game.  I just created an account for an extra email of mine and will report back once I know how long it took that account to be accepted.


17 responses to “OGP: Obligatory Glitch Post & Invite Give Away

    • I’m personally out of invites. If I hear about anyone with extras, I will direct them here.

      They are still letting people in, but they are sending out invites in large batches every so many weeks.

      I suspect, however, that the next big content update hinted to be released in early March will be the relaunch of the game, and then account creation should be much more immediate.

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