Mel Gibson in Braveheart

Mel Gibson upon hearing the news that City of Heroes/Villains is now free to play

City of Heroes/Villains: Freedom formally launched today.  As CoX is the only theme park game to hold my attention for more than three or four months, I’ve been looking forward to this update.  I had downloaded the new launcher over the weekend, and I finished updating the game this afternoon.  I found that, perhaps due to the number of unlocks I’d used, perhaps due to how long I’d subscribed, I had the option to unlock 7 characters on my main server, Infinity, and 3 global unlocks, which I’ll likely use on Infinity as well.

I unlocked my main, my healer, and the last few characters I remember working on.  I have around 17 toons on that server, but most aren’t even level 10.  I just enjoy playing with power set combinations and the character creator options.

I realized right away that what I’d prefer to be doing is the content from Going Rogue.  It’s not the only content that has been added since I left, but the free content is all old news to me.  It’s not too expensive to unlock GR in the store — it works out to be about the same as purchasing the expansion box.  But I’m not really prepared to invest in the game yet.

Seriously, there are too many cheap options available right now.  League of Legends: Dominion launched, and I actually still haven’t updated the game and played it yet.  I’ve had some really intense PvP sessions in Global Agenda, and I’ve started leveling my robotics agent as well as my medic for a little role variety.  I’m still enjoying LotRO, and spent 8 dollars there for content I’ve barely even touched.  I’d like to spend the $30 or so to grab Going Rogue, but I can’t really justify it right now.  Perhaps in a month or two I’ll put LotRO on the back burner for CoX, but by then Fallen Earth and Star Trek Online will be in the mix as well.  So I’ll probably just dip in to CoX and work on leveling a lowbie or two on occasion, but I’ve really already promised my time to GA, LotRO, and LoL.

It’s a free to play smorgasbord, and I can only eat so much at a time.


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