WoW Hate: Introduction -or- I’m sorry but you’re a doody-head

I usually do not have difficulty stretching my mind to the perspective of another person when I actually try. Imagining the perspective of someone who has enjoyed WoW nearly continuously since launch, however, is a difficult exercise for me.  Or at least it’s difficult to imagine that perspective without making a bunch of negative assumptions about the person.

Let me be clear: I find myself thinking WoW players are stupid.  Or that they’re children.  Or both.  I know this isn’t fair; I know it isn’t universally true.  Yet it’s my instant reaction to articles and comments that rave about, support, or defend the game.

It’s something I actually try to suppress, but it comes through on bad days.

Over a few posts, I’m going to look at my hatred for WoW.  I’m not going to bash it, necessarily — I’m going to recall as much as possible of my two experiences as a WoW tourist and attempt to explain how my opinion of WoW and its players was formed.


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