A Quick Reaction to CCP and the World of Darkness Reveals

First I want to go on record and say that I think the monocle is absolutely hilarious.  I think people angry about the monocle are pretty hilarious too.   Whether or not there are monocles available to purchase and whether or not anyone purchases them has absolutely no impact on how I would personally play the game.  Companies try to make more money, it’s what they do.  If someone’s willing to buy it, I don’t care if they provide it, as long as it doesn’t affect game play.  So I have no problem with CCP, and I thank them for the entertainment monoclegate has provided me.

I’d also like to thank them for their recent news on the World of Darkness MMO.  Specifically, I’d like to thank them for targeting fans of WoD setting games rather than fans of the MMO genre.  With the possibility of permadeath in exceptional situations, and a nod to the oddballs of the role playing world, the LARPers, along with mentions of focusing on player driven story lines while asking gamers to remain in character, CCP has said they care more about the fans of the source material than they do for high subscription numbers.

I’m not much of a role player in MMOs.  I often play on RP or RP Encouraged servers because I find stumbling on to role players to be pleasant.  I don’t personally have a complex character in mind or desire to participate in much role play activity, but I’m willing to play along now and then and confine my local chat remarks to things that fit the game world.  I suspect that CCP will ease the role play burden by supplying tools to create activities, jobs, quests, etc.

But I also suspect it will be a long time before any playable build of this game will be available to prove their claims.

In the meantime, cheers to CCP for planning something that isn’t the same as everything else.  Again.


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