Global Agenda: Final Thoughts

I’ve posted about this game and mentioned that I enjoy it, but I’ve yet to sum it up.  Since that was the entire original purpose for starting this blog, it seems that’s what I should be writing.

Do not be fooled by the title: I am not done with Global Agenda.  However, I’m not and probably never will be playing it in a dedicated manner on a regular basis.  I will continue to drop in and out of it whenever I am looking for some action, as Global Agenda delivers action without fail.

But GA is not an MMO.  Yes, I know I’m not the first to point it out, but I likely won’t be the last either. It just simply isn’t.  There’s not much attempt to give it the feel of an open world.  The one “world” zone it has, the Sonoran desert, is not really all that large and only has content for up to level 18 or so.  And I believe the max level is 50.  So there’s a large gap in the mid levels where the only content is to join a mission queue.  There is a lot of variety in the types of missions available, including some I have not tried as I am not high enough level yet, but queuing for missions and standing around waiting for the start is not what I consider massively multiplayer, even if it is multiplayer.  It’s a lobby game, much like any FPS, with the only difference being that while waiting in the “lobby” players can wander around Dome City and purchase cosmetic items or weapon upgrades.  And while there are multiple tiers of upgrades to weapons and equipment, there does not seem to be a huge variety among the basic functions of these items.

In sum, there’s not enough people, there’s not enough land, and there’s not enough loot for GA to feel like an MMO.  Even though I enjoy the game, I would not pay a subscription to play it, and I’m not surprised it failed while operating under that business plan.

However, I highly recommend GA.  If you’re into action games and shooters, if you like cooperative PvE and fast-paced PvP that rewards tactical thinking, then Global Agenda is perfect for you.  Without a monthly fee, I personally don’t feel driven to play, a feeling that has frequently led to me burning out on a game or burning through its content at a record pace.  It’s quite possible that I will go without GA for long periods of time when distracted by other games or enmeshed in an MMO, but GA is perfect for this type of play style.  It will still be there when I get the urge, and I don’t have to pay for the right to get back in or bleed my account continuously to have the right to play on a whim.

If you sign up and play it, you can find me in-game under my usual name: Saucelah


2 responses to “Global Agenda: Final Thoughts

    • Will try to make that happen — lately my gaming schedule has been all over the place, so I think you’ve only been online twice when I was playing. But I’ll look for you in vent even if I don’t have a lot of time to play and at least get the clan tag in-game and make finding you easier.

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