Global Agenda: PUG Madness

I spent yesterday watching the Red Sox get drenched by a preview of Irene, watching the Patriots get drenched by the Detroit Lions, and watching Global Agenda agents get drenched by enemy fire.

With the hurricane rolling in, it seemed a perfect day for some gaming, so I booted up Global Agenda.  I had leveled the Robotics agent I originally started a little bit more since I first dipped into this game, but I usually play healers.  I created an old man medic with a gray mustache and afro and launched the game.

I’ve arranged at some point in the future to play with SynCaine and some Inquisition members, but yesterday I wanted to spend some time getting used to the controls and playing with PUGs.  I leveled my medic to 10 and queued for a medium security special ops mission.  For anyone unfamiliar, it’s basically an instance with a lot of targets, a boss, and a time limit.

In my first group, the first few moments went well, until we got to a large open area with cover but with enemies on the ridges around us.  The assault agent took full advantage of his jetpack to channel Leroy Jenkins and launched himself right into the middle of the death bowl.   I made an effort to chase him down, but before I could even get in range to heal him he had four guys attacking him at close range from behind.  He ignored or more likely wasn’t even aware of the enemies at close range and blasted at targets on the ridge.  He didn’t last very long, and I had to use some creative dodging to jet back over to the the other two agents without dying myself.

He raged about my heals and then quit.

The robotics agent quit shortly after.  I don’t actually blame him — we were down a man and not communicating, so even at that point our odds of finishing in time seemed unlikely.  The recon agent and I had fun plowing through the rest of the level.  We stuck close together and rocked through the rest of the instance and then got destroyed by the boss.

But I actually had fun in an online game.  And with other people.

I’ll write more about this game soon, once I get over the shock.

Edit: Forgot to mention: the elite agent upgrade was 50% off this weekend, so I picked it up at  $9.95


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