Weekend Update

I decided to be a shut in this weekend and have divided my time between gaming, reading, and watching an Emilio Estevez movie marathon.  Don’t ask about the last one.   Ok, feel free to ask, but don’t expect an explanation that makes any sense.

As for the gaming, my time has been divided between Dragon Age II and running through the Fallen Earth 14 day trial.  I’m trying to get through the story in DAII without getting completely burnt out on the not so entertaining combat.  I actually dropped the difficulty down to casual — not because normal was difficult but with the game play shot and the story still interesting, casual lets me advance the story as quickly as possible and move on.  Maybe the next Dragon Age will have better combat.  Maybe not.

FE is so much better than it was at launch.  At least, I believe so — I base my opinion of its launch quality on word of mouth from a friend.  What I found, rather than an irritating mess, was an interesting character development system and a crafting system that could keep an obsessive crafter like me occupied for some time.  I don’t plan to subscribe though — I’d like to see what changes happen with the game when it switches to free to play.

An interesting side note, set a new record for hits in a day by trash talking SWTOR.  For the record, I actually do know what makes SWTOR so attractive to some people: it’s Star Wars, and not everyone is as turned off by the loot treadmill theme park style.  I just can’t take that style of end game without regretting my sub money anymore.  I suppose I need to stick to sandboxes and/or PvP centered games.  But I was in the mood to stir the pot and hoping, just a little, that somebody could explain their continued excitement to me.

I did grind out a bit more time on Forsaken World during the week, so I’ll continue that review later.

**Edit: I had completely forgotten that the beginning of the song Regulators was taken, in part, from the movie Young Guns. Let that now be the entire reason for my Emilio Estevez marathon.


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