The Quest So Far: First Impressions on Three Games

I followed through with my plan to try a bit of Global Agenda, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Forsaken World.  I approached them in that order though I initially spent only a brief time on each.

With Global Agenda, I ran through the tutorial and did a few PvE missions before moving on.  I prefer sci-fi settings whenever I can get them, and twitch combat, while I’m no superman, would be fun for a change.  The graphics were unimpressive and the art a bit bland, but I give them credit for keeping the hardware demands down in this type of game.  I think I will enjoy it, but I’ve decided to come back to it as the second game in this quest.

I spent the least amount of time in Pirates of the Burning Sea.  I ran through a few tutorial missions and decided I would place this game third on the list.  Not that I didn’t like it — in fact, quite the opposite.  I realized right away that there was a lot depth to the game — I didn’t stay long enough to sound the depths, but I sensed I was receiving a pirate’s view of Eve.  I think this game has the most potential of the three to hold my attention, so I’ll come back to it at the end and perhaps make this a PotBS blog for a bit.

That leaves Forsaken World as the game I investigated last, and the game I will be spending some time posting about this week.  FW is a basic theme park.  In some ways, it’s even simpler than World of Warcraft, but it has some interesting twists and depths of its own.  I’ll save specifics for my first Forsaken World post tomorrow.


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