F2P Quest

I’ve decided to swallow my pride and dive into the world of free to play massively multiplayer online gaming.  I’ve also decided this is the last time I will type out the phrase “free to play massively multiplayer online gaming.”

I’m not completely inexperienced with F2P MMOGs.  For a year or so, after being dragged in by some friends, I took part in a facebook based game from a small independent developer — but I just wanted to make this confession and apologize to any who are offended that I implied it is an MMOG.  It was, however, the first free online game I ever played with others, and it did have a crafting system I might talk about at some point.  Maybe.

My next f2p experiences were brief to say the least.  I tried Lord of the Rings Online but didn’t like that not all the classes were available.  I had the same problem with Everquest 2 Extended.  I’ve since discovered with LOTRO that a single expansion would release those classes, so I might be revisiting that game — I won’t be revisting EQ2X.  I’m an altaholic and like to try every class in a game before I settle, so when classes are limited the game loses part of its draw.

Only two f2p games have held my attention for a significant amount of time.  Neither were MMORPGs.  The first of these was QuickHit Football, an American football coaching sim.  I won’t bother to explain the gameplay as other than stopping by on occasion to see if there have been any major changes, I no longer play this game.  Changes in game mechanics and changes in the cash shop have turned the game from an amusing f2p distraction into a buy to win annoyance.

On the other hand, League of Legends has held my attention for quite some time.  Enough so that I made the choice to spend some money with Riot Games and purchased the Collector’s Pack — which at $35 is basically the same as buying a game box.  I did take a period time off from the game due to hardware issues crashing my system and screwing my team.  But I was never away by choice and after many months am back.

While not exactly a f2p veteran, I am a veteran of many subscription MMOs.   I tried both Everquest and Ultima Online, but the first game I ever had my own account for (and with regular access to a broadband connection) was Star Wars Galaxies.  Other games that I played extensively include EQ2 and City of Heroes/Villains.  I did some time in WoW just before the first expansion and came back at a friend’s urging after the second.  I have played Eve and truly enjoyed it and met some great people.  It taught me the difference between sandboxes and theme parks, and finally made me understand what was missing from the games that replaced SWG. Unfortunately, my time with Eve was short as I have just not been able to commit to a subscription in recent times.

Which brings me to my F2P quest.  I’m sure there are fun titles hiding among the Korean grindfests.  I’m even sure there is some fun hiding in the Korean grindfests.  I’m going to try them — I’m actually going to commit to a few and get a real feel for what’s out there and what’s fun.  Sometimes, I’m going to keep at them despite myself.  Forsaken World doesn’t have the option for mouse invert?  Fine, I’ll work the mouse like a stroke victim on meth and get through it.

I’m open for suggestions, and if anyone ever reads this, I’m even open to running a massively-esque Choose My Adventure survey.  Yes, Forsaken World is on my list.  It’s downloaded and installed, and the only thing keeping me back is the mouse control.  But I will brave it eventually.  I’m also certain to cover Pirates of the Burning Sea and Global Agenda.   I have yet to decide on an order and will likely try all three before settling on which one I will explore first.

So there will be more in this space in the future.  And I swear I will ditch the default appearance eventually.


One response to “F2P Quest

  1. Heya
    I know its not free to play, but if your an altaholic like me you should check out Rift. It has tons of versatility, Im posting a blog about it so you can check it out if you like.

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